Centennial Part ii

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Doubled up on CP this am. With 26km in the legs, yesterday, I simply wanted to enjoy the sunshine and join the lads for a loop or two. Figured a few would turn up despite race season almost over and Melb marathon next week.

Similar to yesterday, it was a sluggish affair for my legs. Missed the 7am Kiosk start and joined a small contingent within 2km (circling CCW). Group was already fractured, with Ali / Frenchman at 4:10s, FJen / myself 4:30s, Jeet in between us and immy/Craig trundling 5:00s.

Good chat with FJen over a single 10kim loop. Humidity really picked up, but I found by 18km the 4:25s felt easy. Exited the park and trundled back home at 4:40s. A good long run all round.

26km again in around 2 hours. No real signs of bad soreness.

Legs have enjoyed single runs only this week. 110km all up.

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