Airport Run

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wow, whilst being on laundry duties for the weekend I stopped to compare size of a baby onesie vs my running hat. Hilarious.

Consistent with my lack of structure, I moved my Sunday 30km forward one day. Maiden effort jogging in a gigantic loop from Leichardt -> Cooks River -> Airport -> Surry Hills. Timed the run perfectly to meet Lorie, Trinity, Renee and James for bunch in Waterloo (at our favourite place).

Initial pace was 5:30s, before settling at 4:30s. Great enjoyment exploring where the Cooks River ends and later, the suburbs of Mascot.

30km in 2:25 at 4:47 min/km. It's been a solid week and tomorrow I'll just do an easy recovery with Neil.

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