HuRTS 8x5 min Farm Cove

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Session at Opera House Gates was 8x5 min with 90s rest. Cool drizzle was a good set-up for a fast session.

Fairly solid turnout and my first speed in three weeks! My approach was one of caution. Outbound is always slower than return due to the wind.

Strategy was draft off JFen / CT heading out, then lead on the return, running by feel. Reached a fairly consistent marker some 150m past the saddle near Mrs Mac Chair.

Struggled with accumulating leg fatigue but hung in for the full set. I reckon the drop-off was 50%. Last rep the most encouraging; sat on Barts' heels.

My pacing for the 5 min reps  (thanks JFen):
- Outbound: 3:29s, 3:24s, 3:25s, 3:23s
- Inbound: 3:18s, 3:17s, 3:19s, 3:11s

Pretty sore afterwards. A 2km cool down with Renee helped.

All up 11.9km at 3:20s. 

Ended up running home 6km, making 20km for the day.

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  1. How come you dropped out of competition so soon Mike? You missed Blackmore's and Melbourne is coming up. Plus Central Coast at end of November.

    1. Hey buddy, good seeing you out there. Dropping out of comp a little harsh! Missed Blackmores cause it's a crap race and chose a B-type half mara the week after. Would love to do Melb but baby due <10 days. Always next year