Lazy Centennial

Sunday, November 01, 2015

With the Halloween / Oktoberfest / Work Cup festivities in full swing, only the hardcore turned up at Centennial. In fact, Brendan, Glen and I nearly had the park to ourselves. Waited 5 min at the Kiosk before concluding no survivors from last night...

Set out on the usual route at an easy 4:50s. BW's achilles started complaining of old age and sadly, by 4km he pulled the pin. Pace slowed a little (with Glen) but I certainly wasn't complaining. Completed the flat 10km loop then added a white picket fence lap. Crossed paths with Sonya as I was finishing up.

15km in and around the Park with 4:50 min/km average pace. Struggle street the whole way due to another low sleep night. Is it medically acceptable to slip horse tranquilizer into the milk bottle?

PM: with the temp pushing high 20s, I snuck out to LAC for a few laps. A very refreshing 2km in 44 min. Time was way off Friday's 1km TT because I worked on a few basic fist drills set by Timmy. Likely, I made better progress on a back tan.

NY Marathon this weekend with Jeet and Renaud running. Will be interesting to see the elites.

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