Weekend long runs

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Certainly the happy events and endorphin highs left me with great reason for celebratory runs.

Saturday - Abbotsford

Not allowed to sleep in the Ward, leaving Molly and I all alone. Wanted to bank a minimum 15km and ended a few kms over. The heat was quickly picking up as we headed north to Abbotsford and back around Drummoyne.

18km in 96 min at 5:15s. Had to leave a fatigued dog all alone for 12 hours with a little bowl of water.

PM update: yep, dog still alive. Excellent.

Sunday - Centennial Park 

Big turnout at Centennial including Enda, Jeet/Renaud, JFen, Frenchman, Andy + dog, Glen and even husband wife duo CT/GT. Fielded some questions as to why I was present, but my explanation was adequate (visiting hours from 9am).

Felt rubbish the whole 2 hours; more a case of energy rather than tired legs. I put it down to sleep deprivation, and the reality of trying to keep strides with JFen for 10km.

Jogged back across USYD then home, to make 25km for the day. Quickly working I can't maintain this running on less than 8 hrs sleep. It's all good.

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