HuRTS Awards Night

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday - Annual HuRTS Awards Night

AM - legs still very flaky from Tuesday. Sammy J had similar excuses and we skipped the 3x2km intervals in favour of a run out to Cremorne Point pool.

In 36 degrees, this proved a magical decision. The 5km run across the Bridge was gnarly due to the elevation changes past Kirribilli. We toughed it out and the reward was the best 5 min dip I've ever had. First time in the Maccallum Pool, west side of Cremorne Point. It's a good run/swim/run alternative to Redleaf. Quite the hidden gem.

Great mental aptitude shown by Sam and I in actually exiting the water and returning to work. Legs felt so heavy on the re-climb back to Milson's Point.

11km all up.

PM- real value of the day was the must anticipated annual awards night at the Tilbury.
With very few exceptions, it was an amazing turnout! 8 awards on show, 50-odd in attendance and lots of banter equals much fun.

So the question was, who will clean up Performance of The Year (POTY)? The other focus was the unlucky few nominated for Underachiever Award.

On the later, it was a close one and I felt for Irish nice guy Enda. Certainly harshly done by considering he has a 75 half marathon at GC next to his name.

POTY-wise, was my 2:30 GC in July realy enough? I'm thinking, NO WAY.

I'd trade my effort any of: Barts' sub-46 C2S, Tommy's 4th place in SMH half and just last week, Quentin's sub-17 JPM CC.

Well, Chairman puts an end to the uncertainty ...

Embarrassing. And a victory speech? I managed some short spiel re disappointment in the lack of a blogger award. The question is, who gets the POTY cup in 2016 and what will it take (2:26 marathon)?

Turns out I voted for the other winners, all of whom definitely deserve pats on the back.

Triathlete Award to Crossy (no brainer). Ultra (walking) Award to Heyden (squeezed out CT). Timmy has really lifted the HuRTS community in 2016, meaning Spirit Award was a must.

With consistent PBs, Gus took Improvement Award and will run sub-35 min 10km in 2016. Female POTY could only go to Erika, of course. Sub-3 hour Melbourne marathon.

Swimming Awards soon followed, hosted by the charismatic Timmy and PW. My involvement is pretty early stage, however the talent is indeed deep!

It's all about the beverage consumption and banter that follows. Timmy's questionable fashion sense continues to concern me.

Per photo below, it's predictable to see Conway with no closed shoes and little shyness putting those guns on display. Luka has also committed to another suicidal  24 hour solo treadmill charity run in 2016 and challenged the crew to break the 24 hour relay world record. Sounds horrible.

James, Biggsy and Champ can not only boast impressive running abilities, but are more than handy on the bike / in the pool. I've asked for some free coaching, in exchange for my best cafe picks.

Did a Houdini (5 week old newborn type curfew) before the night descended into one of multiple beers combined with a visit to Harry's Cafe de Wheels. No doubt, I missed out on the fun.

Thanks to good friends that attended and actually read this blog (i.e. just myself).

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