Short and Sharp

Thursday, November 26, 2015

AM: Hot hot and hot. Knew this was coming and with the baby being a free 5am alarm bell, I rode to A.B.C. and snuck in a lazy dip. Pool is very popular at 6am on weekdays!

Settled in the slow lane, starting with 1km freestyle. Low quality, no focus on technique. Lucky no one was watching. Got the 1km done in 20 flat. Inspired to work some drills, I did 500m of fist drills. 

1.5km swim in 31 min. 

PM: a short run testing the fitness in conditions only appropriate for the insane. Barangaroo and Hickson wharves were pretty deserted. I wonder why?

Matt and Wooey foolishly joined me and were clearly suffering. In fact, my 5 min/km was too much for my poor colleagues, who bailed at 5km. I added 1km, got bored and headed back (1:30pm meeting). Had I had more time, I'd have actually done the HuRTS speed.

Hot weather does not bother me. Back in the change room, Wooey and Matt were near-motionless. 

6km all up. Pretty light day on the legs!

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