Friday, November 06, 2015

Humid and warm! Turned up at A.B.C. in acceptably modest pair of black/red swim trunks. Priority: work the tan > kick the legs > fiddle with the stroke per expert advice. 

Instantly saw Timmy, Gleeson and Crossy sneaking extra warm-up laps. Slotted in the adjacent lane unannounced and proceeded with a relaxed 30 laps (1.5km). Still need to get the basics down pat before joining the 100m type intervals. Last few laps involved 25m fists plus 25m normal drills. 

All in all, a boring 30 min. No breaks. I do note the squad spend 30-40% of pool time chatting. In fact, Champ was working a camera on some unsuspecting swimmers. 

For me, it was 1.5km in exactly 30:00. The 500m splits - 10:05, 10:00, 9:55. 

Passed 1km some 70s slower than last week. Not progressive. Once I can get to 50s/lap, I'll join the rest of the crew.  

On my way out, I did lodge a complaint to Timmy re the fashion sense of certain members. Is there a law against skin tight, bright green trunks being worn in public?

Left ABC, crossed paths with Conway allowing a 3km warm-down run around Farm Cove. 

5km running, 1.5km swimming and 15km cycling for the day. First running 'rest' day in awhile. 

Weekend plan is 10km with strides, both days. Unusually easy due to foot pains and the need to freshen up for the rest of November. 

Good luck to people racing Striders tomorrow.

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