Scatter Gun

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Perhaps the most randomly unplanned day of training I've ever done. Sort of a triple dosage of half-quality sessions. Everything ad-hoc, no structure.   

AM: soaked on the bike (to work). Jumped off the saddle, completed a bricks session by running up the car park ramp. Rather than call it a day, I jogged to Hickson wharves. Proceeded to generate some leg turnover with 15x100m strides around the perimeter. Figured that was my speed for the day. 

PM: Jogged past Stone Gates thinking a 10km recovery was the go. Meanwhile, the squad was loitering around looking like lost sheep. Big shrugs all round as to who was leading....

Timmy's normally the one to lead the 20 min hills + 5km tempo aptly named 'Timmy's hills and tempo'? Turns out he has the biathlon, hence the no show. Thus it was timekeeper duties for me (again).

The niggles in my feet are a red flag for anything hard. For the hills, I relaxed amidst the middle of the pack. Found company in Erica, Renee and later sat on Lambert's heels. Because I ran this barefoot,, I had to deal with lactic quads + bindi pricks, 25-odd times. Cardio fine, quads fine, feet suffering.  

20 min done, felt OK aside from being unable to walk. Next up the 5km tempo around the Domain. Maintained a strictly easy 4 min/km pace for all but the last km. Again, kept Erika, Tym and a few others in sight the whole tempo. Pace felt good, niggles did not. Salvaged some ego by surging the last 500m up the hill. Thus closing pace was 3:35s. 

Finally, a 3km warm-down with JFen and Andy Heyden directly down to the Opera House. 

Thank god for Strava, 19.8km all up spread across all those rubbish runs. Weather permitting, I'll be wearing floaties in the pool tomorrow. 

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