Golden Duck 1km TT - PB (18:27)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Eventful day down at A.B.C. Pool with the Friday swim squad. A much anticipated Golden Duck 1km TT. Being new to this cliche, I had zero idea what's involved...

With a proliferation of pre-swim group email banter, I was left highly confused as to 'target times' set by Pete / Timmy L. These define handicaps off a staggered start.

Heading in, Yum Cha Wong was destined to break 16 min, Mike Gleeson highly nervous from 6 months on land, and finally Timmy L's generous self-set handicap....

200m warm-up, then the count-down starts. I'm out first, followed by Gleeson 10s back.

I'm OK on cardio but less so on shoulder endurance. Today, can't fix the technique but the mental focus is on straight leg kicking.

150m in, I'm already panicking. Gleeson is converging in tight Speedos and before long, he's grabbing my ankles. Awkward. The pass never eventuates and the threat subsides. Back to the grind for another 300m.

There's another pass (like a flash), then Champ's on me with 300m to go. Tuesday taught me drafting works. I hitch a 300m ride with resounding success. Pacing re-accelerates and I recoup my mid-swim slowdown. Hitting the wall, I notice most of the crew are waiting...

18:27. Half point was 9:12, implying even splits!

Tired but impressed with this time. 30s on my maiden October TT (18:55).

Gleeson bravely accepts the wooden spoon (to my relief), Yum Cha is gutted to miss 16 again, whilst Timmy impresses with mid 16s. The real stand-out is Brendan K, taking 60s off his target 16 flat.

A warm-down with YC and BK around Farm Cove is a good close to a great lunch set.

Certainly enjoying these new challenges. I'm thinking sub-18 by end January.

Lunch - 1.2km swimming.

On the run side, double commute plus pool return aggregates to 18km all up.

Looking forward to a weekend of easy running and the Fenton's Thanksgiving Feast.

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