Strides Pool Brekkie

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why do I always get such sore calves from swimming? Struggled to eject myself from the bed, let alone head out for a usual Saturday Bay Run.

Headed out at 6am down to a random cricket oval (Blackmore Park), near a filming studio on the south side of the Bay Run. Wore swimmers and goggles, just in case. 

2km from home, then an attempt to wake the legs with 10x100m strides at 80% efforts. Added another 2km jog to Leichardt Aquatic Centre (LAC). Convinced myself to do an easy few laps. 

Good decision. Despite the coolish 20 degrees, the result was a splash around for 45 odd minutes. Though the shoulders were tired from yesterday, I do admit thoroughly enjoying all 40 laps.

A few of the blokes have encouraged me to build some drills into the routine. Hence there was 400m of swimming with fists. I almost drowned. 

2km swimming, 7km running. 

Post swim festivities saw me bring the sister, daughter and wife down to John Smith Cafe in Alexandria. A calculated risk both on food and ability to transport a baby. For once, this paid good dividends.

Avo on toast, who said that's boring?

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