Sunday Long Run

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Pretty happy with how I pulled up from yesterday. Decided against a Centennial style 30km run knowing the 4:40 pace would be quite aggressive. A pending brunch catch up with my sister meant this was a good chance to run the Gladesville bridge over to my old joint in Artarmon.

Taking the mantra 'no such thing as too slow' a touch too far, I set out into Haberfield at 6 min pace before hooking around Drummoyne and onto the North Side. The rain was not a both in the slightest.

This was all about loosening the legs, banking the kms and keeping myself relatively fresh. Finished with a few mild hills and ran zig zags until I hit the desired distance.

25km at 5:30 min/km. 

107km for the week, including yesterday's race.

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