Outrun Cancer Round 2

Friday, May 08, 2015

My second 'shift' was at 6:30am. So I turned up at MP 10 min before only to be told by Paul Birch that bad news - last 4 need to do 9.4km each to get to 400km in 24 hours.

Quentin did an impressive 9.7km just before, so from there on out I resigned myself to the discomfort of 19km/h on a treadmill. The 7km jog to MP helped warm up the legs, but the quads highly sleepy from yesterday's effort. Started at 18.5 km/hr, then stepped it up to 20 km/hr by the end.

2nd shift - 9.43km in 30 min

Returned later at 8:30 to see Tucks get through the 400km mark with 20 seconds to spare. What a thrilling finish.

Went remarkably quickly in the end. 9.4km in 30 min which is 3:10 pace. Not bad.

Felt obliged to do a loosener at lunch. Joined Conway, Nathan at the back of a broader 12 man group around Opera House then Hickson. Dropped off after maybe 11km.

Been a big day, I count upwards of 28km banked.

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