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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Expected to pull up worse but actually Monday came round and I was fresher-than-normal. Strange.

Hence I joined Conway plus 3 others for some 5:30s around Hickson. Fairly standard 'filler' for me these days and we covered 12km. Saw Brendan, Renee and a few others along the way.

Embarassed to see a photo of me (in a bad state) on p3 of the AFR chasing after two girls in the SMH.

Added another 7 km in the evening running home. Hence 20km for the day.

In other news I've bought some Altra The Ones. Zero drop but good cushion, wide toebox. So far so good. Will order multiples if they stand the rigours of a few weeks mileage. $60 a bargain.

Altra The One
It's all about base rebuilding and today was no different. Felt some delayed fatigue when I woke. Thus jumped on the saddle for a loop around the Bay Run before heading to work. Bike lock dropped out of my pouch ... disaster.

Skipped my 'favourite' 14x3 min in favour of a 1 hour recovery with Brendan at lunch. Started at CQ, tracked the water down to Garden Island. Then headed back to Farm Cove seeing some dedicated souls battling out the session. Doubt many lasted the full 14.

Extended the run to hit 12km bang on before hanging up the shoes.

Rode the bike home in the wet

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