Centennial Plodding

Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's the return of the LR and I was a little concerned my head cold would dampen the enthusiasm. Ventured out before 6am very slowly and proceeded through Newtown and Waterloo towards the Kiosk.

Pleasantly surprised to find company at Centennial in Birchy and Sonya. Another 6 guys were running 4:30s, so us three became the stragglers at a more-than-welcome 5:00 min pace. Almost 2 laps of the usual 10km loop, chatting away and commenting how long, slow runs are the way to go. Dropped off at Anzac Parade to head back home.

Lo and behold I instantly crossed paths with the Striders STAR run (30km course). Thus my return back via Blackwattle Bay was also blessed with company. Didn't recognise anyone and got a bit bored of the 5:30 pace. Nonetheless a great morning out.

36km in 3:10. Longest run since Six Foot Track.

130km all up for the week, no speed given I'm recovering from the half. Hope my headache clears for the week ahead. Running seems to help.

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