HuRTS Centennial LR

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hard to say no to a lazy Sunday Centennial long run with the crew.

Rolled out of bed meaning to jog to the Kiosk for 7am start. First few kms via Stanmore and Newtown nice an easy 5:30s. Plan was 8km to Centennial, 10km with the group then a plod home. 

As I was 5 min late, I went the reverse and then joined the likes of Timmy, Enda, Chris T, LJ, Eloise, and Sam for the usual loop plus an Alison Rd out and back. 

Almost everyone was disinterested in the full 30km. The girls dropped off quickly, CT tapering for TNF, Enda had mothers day excuses and the same with Sam. Only Timmy had the resolve to kick on (I think). After 20km, I left the park and headed home. The pace was 4:30s, but once I went solo it dropped to 5s.

Quads feel a little tired. Could be yesterday's ride.

30km in 2:30. 

I promised Lorie today would be a 'short' run. A broken promise that meant I had to cook her pancakes. 

130km for the week. Pretty good given 1 rest day, 2 tempos of 30 min each, the rest junk. 

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