New Running Partner

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday - HuRTS MLR

Finally my bike is back in one piece. Thought myself clever enough to remove the wheel, replace the tube. Couldn't figure out how to refit the back wheel and called in the missus to help.

Worked a charm, meaning I enjoyed a double commute on the saddle.

Fairly solid turnaround for the HuRTS wharves run at lunch. Pace was expectantly easy. Good to see a few familiar faces including Brendan, John B, John W, Erika and Darren. Passed Renee and James on the return around Opera House.

Tuesday - Bay Run

Enjoyed the luxury of the Bay Run (rather than running to work). Grabbed the dog Molly for her 2nd ever run. She survived remarkably well for 8km. Good potential as a long run partner I think.

Didn't realise Cavoodles had good endurance genetics.

Adding the 6km run home, 15km for the day.

Molly at the Bay Run

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