Balls Head

Thursday, April 23, 2015

All clear from the doc. Iron levels normal vs. Xmas when it was way below recommended level.

Anyway heading out the door felt like magic. No rain? What a privilege. Legs feeling strangely heavy so my 7km to work was slower than usual.

Matt from work sent an email around to Wooey, Charlie and I for a 4:30 pace 10k run to Balls Head (North Shore). Though he's sharpening up for a Byron Bay tri in 2 weeks, I felt that pace would be very aggressive session given the hills.

Started slow and rang along the bridge with Wooey. Slowly picked up the pace and reeled in Charlie and Matt as we tracked past Waverton station and into Balls Head. Felt better the longer I went. Did some good low 4s splits and surged the hills.

Last split along the bridge was 3:50. 11km all up at 4:35 min/km. Poor Wooey looked pretty spent by the end. On the flip side, Charlie and Matt are in the best shape I've seen.

19km for the day.

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