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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday - Redleaf
Nice and easy run joined by Conway. Started on Macquarie and headed around Potts Point, Rushcutters and back around the hills of Darlinghurst. This is the course we were doing in the lead up to Xmas (normally ending in a quick dip at Redleaf pool).

Didn't get to swim, but turned back at 8km. Pace was pretty mild, around 5:30s but the hills keep the quads honest. Got back covering 16km in 1:20. A long lunch break but acceptable for a Friday.

Also the first time I'm using these bright green New Balance. $78 on sale from The Iconic - didn't even know they sell sports shoes but by far the best price around.

Light enough for racing at 214g, low drop (6mm). Feel is pretty soft but responsive enough. Will see how long these last before deciding whether to buy more.

New Balance Zantes

Saturday - with the dog
No need to push hard nor accrue miles this weekend. Found some company in Molly (my Cavoodle) for a run through the suburbs of Haberfield, Ashfield and Summer Hill.

Last week Molly did a surprise 8km tempo (oval) plus 4km to and from down at King Georges. Had a morbid curiosity how long she lasts at 5:30 min/km.

Initial expectation was maybe 12km? Well about at 15km (in Leichardt) she started fading. Not a bad effort but the hope is to get her up to 20km. The poor dog has no idea what's in stall for her.

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