Shenkin Kitchen, Enmore (6 April 2015) - Revisit

Friday, April 10, 2015

My initial visit to Shenkin Kitchen was a resounding success. They say don't fix something that is not broken; hence a revisit (now with 6 mouths to feed) was due.

Photo journey below and the 9.5/10 was reconfirmed.

Shenkin clipboard menu
 Had The Bite last time. Falafel crust giving way to a creamy centre is magic.

The Bite - avocado falafel ball with roasted mushroom and sourdough - $16
 Chicken plus baked/grilled eggplant. Very filling, tasty but not life changing.

Twice cooked eggplant with chicken and Israeli salad - $17
Egg, eggplant and filo surprises to the flavours. Solid execution.
Filo pastry with eggplant, hard-boiled egg, beetroot and olives - $16
Amongst the best baked eggs dishes I've ever tried. The house-made pita is an excellent complement. 

Chorizo shakshuka - $17
Unfortunately did not get to sample the 'second' filo pastry on the menu. Looked quite flat, reducing the aesthetic flare. Nonetheless the eater loved it.  

Filo pastry with unknown contents ... did not taste this
Didn't have space to try the sugary treats on the counter, but the temptation was there. 

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  1. I'm heading there tonight for dinner (3rd visit in about two months)! How good is their shakshuka! And so true about the pita breads that come with it - they are amazing. I also consider myself a connoisseur of falafels, and I honestly think that Shenkin's is up their with the best. They go down even better with a small serve of labne dip (which is even better than their hummus dip)!

    1. Is it worth going for dinner? I'm intrigued now.

      Sounds like the perfect celebratory feed for your Canberra 10k effort. Well done!