HuRTS 20min hills plus 5k tempo

Thursday, April 09, 2015

First session in 6 weeks and I came away feeling extremely proud.

I've been avoiding proper intervals / quality since Feb using every excuse in the book - taper, reverse taper, niggles etc. Lucky Charlie D dragged me along else I'd be doing 6 min/km around Hickson Wharves.

20 min of hill reps on the grass near the Art Gallery. Big turnout of maybe 25, including Bruce, Steve, Champ, Pete W and Renee. None of the faster guys turned up so this left me to set the pace. Felt stronger and stronger as the minutes ticked. Great motivation always having people to chase.

Post 6FT and my TAS running, I'm really starting to embrace hills. No signs of quad fatigue, implying improvement vs 6 months ago. Covered 5.0km in the 20 min.

2nd half is a 5km tempo around Mrs M Chair. Started at an easy 3:50s pace and progressively finished at 3:30s. The only company I had was Tom Tom from Manly. Again no signs of leg fatigue.

6km run into work plus 12km at lunch. Feeling great.

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