Corporate Cup x 2

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Charlie kindly signed me up for pacing duties for Matt from work. Final round of Corporate Cup and Matt was 1pt behind Will. These two have been neck and neck the entire season.

A PB plus 20s lead over Will was the aim. Plan was 4 min/km downhill, and 4:10s on the ascend back up from Mrs M Chair.

Out at an early 11:50am to beat the crowds. My legs have recovered well from an 'easy' Mon / Tues. Took to the pace like a metronome and led from the start. Felt my companion was slipping on the 4:10s back up the hill. Really gasping for air past the Art Gallary onto the grass.

Out of nowhere, he found the extra gear and went 3:50 pace in the 300m sprint to the line.  

Pulled him through in 24:23 (4:10 min/km), bang on with the 24:30 target. I was stoked for Matt.  

The 6km run was too short for me. Did a 2nd round myself in 23:30 at a slightly tidier 4 min/km. 

Happy to put some 'slow speed' in today's runs. 12km at low 4 min/km is nothing to be proud of, but better than normal.

Add 7km run home to make 20km for the day. Feel great.

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