Progressive MLR to Tempo

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hard to fault the Spring weather. I am out at the in-laws place in Kellyville this weekend. The area is perfect for long flat and uninterrupted runs through monotonous neighborhoods.

Initial plan was a semi-rest day today, possibly with a 2km swim at Stanhope. Trying to keep weekly mileage in the 110-120k range, which leaves me with around 25-35k this weekend.

With the pool not open till 8am, I decided to do a 1 hour 'naked' run (i.e. no watch, run by feel). Definitely the occasional quality session without a watch is important. I generally run the 2nd half of my marathons without looking at the watch.

I started around 5min pace, but with the flat paths quickly picked up the pace. I convinced myself that I have simply been doing too much junk mileage this week. Final 10km of the run I would call slow tempo, feeling a touch under 4min pace.

Did not finish strong, possibly some signs of swelling under the left arch again. This probably rules me out of a long run tomorrow. Quads also a touch flat from what has been a heavy week so far.

Rest of the day will involve some MiLA's spreads making and general R&R.

Run summary - estimate 20km at 4:15min/k average. Last 10km segment likely done sub 40min.

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